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Organization of sectoral research analytics championships of various levels and types (competitive form of participation in the project)
this is an event assuming public presentation of original scientific works of the certain sectoral belonging for the purpose of their comparative qualitative assessment by authoritative experts and thereby determination of authors of best works.
Organization of scientific and practical conferences (communicative form of participation in the project)
this is a scientific event assuming participation of scientists from around the world presenting their scientific works for professional consideration by their colleagues.
Publication of international collections of scientific reports (collective monographs) and professional scientific journals under British jurisdiction
Implementation of international scientific and analytical programs aimed at verification of researchers' and specialists' education quality as well as qualification improvement
Implementation of scientific and analytical programs aimed at training Doctors of Sciences and Academicians of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom)

Who may become
a project
participant ?

Our audience covers freely thinking and daring intellectuals not afraid to examine and solve even the most complicated scientific, educational and applied problems and express their opinions in public.

These are the people we consider to be scientists! For us researchers are professional and young scientists, students, qualified practitioners and other persons concerned from all corners of the world.
What are our global aims?
to globalize scientific community and to erase borders between researchers from different countries;
to promote effective development of scientific creativity and to create additional incentives for it;
to initiate mechanisms of international scientific cooperation;
to create conditions for interaction and mutual enrichment of various national scientific schools and educational systems;
to create universal instruments of mutual international recognition and ensuring mobility of scientists and their researches;
to affect scientific processes dominantly in order to develop social life.

Why would you need us?

  • Only we can provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your professional qualities and researcher's talent at the international level;
  • Only we can provide you with easy access to scientific activity depending only on your abilities, persistence and free from formal obstacles;
  • Only with us through your own efforts you can verify (legalize) any qualification of the higher, vocational, professional or supplementary education in accordance with the European standards (with registration of British and all-European documents);
  • Only we can provide you with prestigious titles of winners and awardees of the World, Continental and National research analytics championships so that you could glorify your name and effectively underline yourself in the professional environment;
  • Only we can provide you with an opportunity to become a member of the National and International Research Analytics Federations and promote your country as the member of its National Research Analytics Team;
  • Only we can provide you with an opportunity to systematically publish your works in British editions; your name will appear in catalogs of the world's largest libraries and your international scientometric indexing ranking will improve;
  • Only we can provide you with the unique chance to receive the scientific and analytical Doctor of Sciences degree as well as the IASHE Academician rank due to your creative efforts and innovative reports;
  • Only our projects assume not only paid participation, but also numerous prizes, privileges and bonuses for permanent and successful participants;
  • We have many more distinctive features and advantages. You'll learn about them as soon as you become the participant of our projects.

Why are we leaders?

  • All projects and programs implemented by us are our original innovation; they cannot be legally duplicated or copied;
  • All our projects and programs are implemented in the legal framework of one of the most authoritative and prestigious countries of the world - United Kingdom;
  • All our projects and programs are implemented in the global international scale;
  • There are no language barriers in our projects;
  • There are no territorial boundaries in our projects; every participant has the chance to communicate with other researchers from around the world;
  • Freedom of access to events in the online mode;
  • Wide list of scientific branches;
  • Participation in scientific-analytical championships and conferences improves your international citation ranking;
  • The project brings prestigious titles, scientific ranks, monetary and other valuable prizes, international scientific degrees and diplomas, as well as prospects of professional acknowledgment and implementation of scientific-pedagogical activity in the most developed countries of the world;
  • Scientific works of participants of the project undergo scientometric indexing; they are published in British scientific journals and collections and sent to libraries of the United Kingdom: the Oxford University Bodleian Library, the Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales, the Dublin University Trinity College Library.
in comparison to the majority of traditional (usual) conference projects
GISAP The majority of other projects
Global international scale Regional, national scale
British (European) jurisdiction of the project - // -
Innovative implementation form Trivial (banal) implementation form
Exclusion of formalism in communications Formal static nature of implementation
Constantly operating (cyclic) process of interconnected events The separated one-time events
Regular communications between scientists from different countries Local communications
Approbation of researches within the international expert procedures, attestation processes and discussions Formal discussion
Two functional forms of participation in scientific and analytical events: the passive form – participation in conferences; the active form – participation in scientific analytics championships - // -
Multilingual nature of the project: it is possible to present and publish reports in the project in almost any language, however the mass presentation and international expert assessment cover only reports presented in the widely used languages of international communications - // -
Publication-based (as the author-researcher) or expert (as the international expert) format of participation -//-
Publication of reports in the international collections (ISBN) or in specialized scientific journals (ISSN) under the British jurisdiction Collections of scientific works of the regional or national level
Simultaneous international expert certification of quality (level) of the researcher's professional knowledge and qualification - // -
Providing participants of events (scientific analytics championships) with bonus credits for qualitative (according to the expert assessment) reports - // -
Possibility of simultaneous publication of the same high-quality report in the scientific works collection and in the scientific journal without any additional payment -//-
In fact free participation of authors of high-quality (according to the expert assessment) publications in the subsequent events – at the expense of bonus credits gained earlier - // -
Possibility to use bonus credits to pay for the third persons' participation in events - // -
Possibility to gain prestigious titles of winners (champions) of World, Continental and National championships in scientific analytics - // -
Using bonus credits to obtain scientific and analytical doctor's qualification (Doctor's degree) officialized by the British Diploma, Diploma Supplement and the "Europass Mobility" - // -
Using bonus credits to obtain the scientific and analytical academic rank of the IASHE (the IASHE Academician or the Corresponding Member) officialized by the British Diploma, Diploma Supplement and the "Europass Mobility" - // -
Possibility to implement the scientific and analytical program of the educational qualification improvement officialized by the British Diploma, Diploma Supplement and the "Europass Mobility" - // -
Possibility to implement the scientific and analytical program of the educational qualification legalization (confirmation) officialized by the British Diploma, Diploma Supplement and the "Europass Mobility" - // -
Possibility to acquire bibliographic doctor's qualifications and academic ranks for the set of high-quality scientific works published in official editions - // -
Possibility to take part in the International Scientific Congresses of the IASHE freely - as initiators, organizers, reporters or authors of theses - // -
Possibility to order editions containing author's researches in the exclusive (presentation) format - // -
Submission of innovative summaries of original researches subject to active international popularization and mass distribution in printed and electronic editions, promotion letters of the IASHE and accounts of the Academy in social networks - // -
Prestigious presentation and popularization of authors of the best reports in the IASHE project called "The Book of Wise Men" - // -
The best authors have a chance to obtain the status of the "IASHE Speaker". Innovative ideas of such persons are printed in special editions and sent to the most authoritative scientific, educational and humanitarian organizations of the world - // -
Indexing of collections of scientific works and journals of the IASHE, as well as original materials published in them in various international scientometric databases (with continuous dynamics of expansion of the scale of such indexation). Providing complex scientometric certificates related to the published reports Attention! Collections of scientific works (non-periodical editions) and multidisciplinary scientific journals do not meet the standards of the leading scientometric databases of the world and therefore cannot be indexed by them. If publishers state the opposite - this is a fraud!
Automatic indexing of the published original scientific reports in the international scientometric database "Socrates-Impulse" - // -
Optimum adaptation of publications to the registration in the International Scientific Registry "Socrates-Notion" - // -
The confidential anti-plagiarism analysis (the originality analysis) of reports (using high-quality software) - // -
Availability of the DOI indexes generation service (inclusion of information about publications into the international database of the CrossRef service ( - // -
Mailing of all IASHE editions to the leading libraries of the United Kingdom, countries of Europe, as well as libraries of authoritative Universities - // -
Access to the service of the international knowledge and skills (qualification level) quality certification according to the ICSQ-775 standard (United Kingdom) - // -
Access to the copyright protection service - the IOSCEAAD-775 standard (United Kingdom) - // -
Formation of international ratings of scientific activity and effectiveness of authors and educational institutions - // -
Comprehensive international popularization of researchers and their progressive ideas - // -
Implementation of a complex of prizes and awards for authors of high-quality and original reports - // -
The partner program: project participants bringing new researchers to take part in the project, receive a share of the corresponding profits - // -
Membership in National scientific analytics Federation - // -
Membership in the National scientific analytics team - // -
Possibility to participate in activities of Continental Research Analytics Federations and the World Research Analytics Federation - // -
Possibility to occupy senior positions in Federations of scientific analytics - // -
Possibility of commercial partnership between the IASHE and founders and heads of Federations of scientific analytics (franchise) - // -
Relative financial affordability of the project in comparison with other international scientific and educational projects - // -
Organization of live presentation events under the auspices of scientific analytics Federations -//-
Publication of presentation editions of the project popularizing researchers and their original scientific ideas -//-
+ 10 more

Terms of participation
in championships and conferences

Go to the website and fill in the Application Form (indicate exact information about co-authors, because soon as the Application Form is sent all information about author and co-authors will be automatically transferred to the page with the report and saved in ranking tables)
While filling in the Application Form upload the report to the website by yourself (if you have difficulties, send the report to the Organizational Committee e-mail:, letter subject: "For publication on the website"
Attach the text of the report, list of references and all the necessary information about the author to the Application Form or send it to the Organizational Committee e-mail ( as one MS Word file (*.doc)
Send the scanned copy of the payment receipt to the Organizational Committee e-mail
During the championship give marks to reports of all other participants in your section

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    Уважаемые сотрудники GISAP! Я вчера получила Сборник материалов и Сертификат, посланный Вами. Спасибо большое. Выражаю Вам огромную благодарность. Была рада участию в Вашем Проекте. Успехов в дальнейшей работе.
    Нигяр Асланова
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    Большое спасибо за внимательное и участливое отношение!
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    Уважаемые организаторы, хочу поблагодарить Вас за сотрудничество! Надеемся продолжить общение с вами и в будущем.
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    Валентина Березная-Демиденко
    докторант факультета социальных наук и исскуств Каунасского технологического университета
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    Спасибо Вам огромное! Ваш проект - самый лучший! С удовольствием приму участие в программе "3 в 1", которую Вы мне предложили. Искренне Вам благодарна, Ваш проект - самый лучший и перспективный в Украине и за рубежом. Спасибо Вам за такую возможность, которую Вы предоставляете учёным!
    Любовь Григоренко
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    Добрый день!!! Хочу поблагодарить организаторов конференции/первенства проекта "GISAP" за возможность принимать участие и публикации своих научных исследований. Ваш проект, дает возможность нам, молодым, начинающим исследователям, повышать уровень своих достижений! Огромное Вам спасибо!
    Марина Гончар
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    Уважаемые коллеги! Низкий поклон Вам от всех авторов! Спасибо за возможность участия в таком замечательном проекте!
    Мойсеенко Валентина Алексеевна
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    Добрый день! Мне нравится Ваш проект, в отличие от многих других коммерчески-ориентированных научных проектов, он построен на интересных принципах. Хочется пожелать Вам развития.
    Анна Долганина (Плотникова)
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    Я готовлю свою статью, чтобы сдать на конференцию. Я участвовала в ноябре 2013 года и мне очень понравился Ваш проект, все очень организовано, сборник и сертификат вовремя доставили на дом. Поэтому Я захотела еще раз поучаствовать. Я Вам очень благодарна!!!
    Нафиса Насруллаева
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    Дорогие Коллеги! Огромное вам спасибо за то, что у меня сложилось стойкое убеждение, что Проект GISAP.EU является лучшим из множества известных мне проектов. Огромное спасибо за те отраслевые Конгрессы, которые мне посчастливилось вести. Огромное спасибо за то, что вы опубликовали 2 моих статьи в Журнале (№2 и №3). Огромное спасибо за то, что вы есть! Здоровья вам и Божеской Благодати во всем!
    Валентина Ивановна Долгова
    д.психол.н., проф., декан ф-та психологии Челябинского государственного педагогического университета
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    Я всегда рада сотрудничеству и работе в вашем проекте, так как ощущаю надёжность и творческий подход к деятельности. Мне это импонирует. К сожалению, не все партнёры могут похвастаться такими результатами. В прошедшем году меня "кинули" две организации псевдо зарубежные: пропали деньги и публикация, адреса не принимают писем, так как не существуют. Я с этим столкнулась впервые и испытываю чувство стыда за таких научных партнёров. Поэтому с радостью готова участвовать в вашем проекте и со статьёй и экспертом, жду информацию о конференциях. Надеюсь, что этот год будет для вас продуктивным, созидательным и успешным. Вы этого достойны!
    Альвина Павловна Панфилова
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    Уважаемые организаторы, спасибо за внимание ко мне и отличную, оперативную работу. Успехов Вам во всем.
    Ли Валентин Сергеевич
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    Очень приятно работать с Вами! Всё оперативно и информативно! Успехов!
    Елена Косых
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    Здравствуйте, GISAP! Большое спасибо всем организаторам и участникам этого проекта за его своевременность, актуальность и помощь, которую данный проект оказывает талантливым ученым. В настоящее время это крайне необходимо. Еще раз большое Вам спасибо!
    Лида Сорокина
    доцент, Иркутский государственный университет
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    Thank you for inviting me to join your Project. Your project is a great idea and I will be happy to contribute.
    Jane Paunkovic

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